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China Hangyu Industry Co.,ltd

China Hangyu Industry Co.,ltd
city town9-10,Jintai building,Nanping,Nan'an District,Chongqing,China
Chongqing, 400060

Tel: 86-15922636221
Fax: 86-23-62940030

Contact: ruby, sales manager
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Trading Company, Exporter
Year Established: 1998
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011, ISO 14000/14001
Annual Sales Volume: greater than $500M
Export Percentage: 81-100%
Annual Purchasing Volume: greater than $500M
Ownership Type: Other
Registered Capital: greater than $100M
Harmonized System Codes: 2102 8421 9017 SC55

Business Message

The main products of our company includes: Oil-Water Separator Device for Marine Use, New-Style Oil-Water Separator Device for Marine Use (10749),Foam Gun, Galvanic Anode, Lifejacket, Lifesaving Lamps, Equipment of Lifeboat, Bell& Gong, Hydrostatic Release Unit, Emergency Escaping Breathing Device, Self-contained Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus for Fire Fighter etc.


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